Thursday, March 21, 2013

Marijuana in Pregnancy

Because the false belief of harmlessness of marijuana, this is the most widely used illicit drug during pregnancy.

So far there is no evidence that marijuana use increases the risk of malformations, miscarriages or premature births. However, in patients who smoke more than six marijuana cigarettes a week, have the children from 2 years of age, the lower verbal ability and less memory capacity than other children. These children are also at increased risk of hyperactivity and depression. There are also studies that show an increased risk of leukaemia in children whose mothers smoked regular cigarettes and marijuana during pregnancy.


Marijuana effects on Cardiac frequency and Arterial Pressure

Recent results indicate that the practice of smoking marijuana and inject cocaine at the same time can cause a marked increase in the frequency and voltage a cardiac artery. Each drug alone produced cardiovascular effects, when combined, these effects were intensified and lasted longer. A cardiac frequency of the study subjects. Marijuana augments 29 beats per minute and cocaine 32 beats per minute. When given together, a cardiac frequency increase at 49 beats per minute, and this increase persisted, for longer. The drugs were administered to subjects while they were at rest. Normally, a person may smoke marijuana and inject cocaine and then do something that causes Infections which can greatly increase the risk of overloading the cardiovascular system.

Research indicates that THC impairs the immune system of the body, which can cause a wide variety of health problems. One study found that marijuana inhibited the actions of diseases that prevent key immune cells. Another study found that THC increased the risk of developing bacterial infections and tumours.