Monday, March 19, 2012

Weeds Effect On The Mental State

This is the main reason why most people use weed. The "high" contains a lot of feelings and emotions. Marijuana has been shown that not only a mind-altering effects, but also for those who want to change the mood. The experience of some users has also limited to the spiritual. There is concern that in many districts in this state, smoking pot can be a danger to itself and to others and should seek rehab for marijuana.

Hormonal Effects of Smoking Weed

Most studies suggest a link between long-term use and the body's production of certain hormones. According to the website of Brown University, overuse can lead to erection problems and weed lower sperm count. Women's monthly cycles may also be affected by marijuana use. It should be noted that marijuana use has not been shown to cause complete infertility.

Marijuana Effects

What are the Effects of Weed on Children?

Because children's bodies and brains still developing, they are most vulnerable to influence on the use of substances such as marijuana. These articles are only for understanding what kind of impact that weeds are dedicated to them.

* Physical effects : Marijuana impairs the lungs and cells, especially white blood cells and spermatozoa. Accelerates the pulse. Lowers the defenses. It damages the throat (pharyngitis, cough). A joint just leaves more tar in the lungs that several cigarettes among other reasons because it is smoked without a filter (bronchitis, asthma).

* Psychic Marijuana Effects : Marijuana distorts the perception spoiling the sensitivity, decreased memory and will make it difficult to think, learn and make decisions, produces anxiety and aggression altering the psychic equilibrium. Makes you lose interest and motivation for the normal things (life, health ...) to focus attention on the drug and its rituals. Marijuana creates psychological dependence while decreasing freedom affected think the opposite is true. Cause brain damage. Disorder increases the personal and physical appearance deteriorates.

* Social Effects : Marijuana causes family troubles, job instability, loss of professional skills, criminal acts, the spread of drug addiction isolation groups. Marijuana is the first step to harder drugs (often enough that each group begins).