Monday, December 12, 2011

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana is the most popular unlawful pharmaceutical in the world Declares. It is a dry, destroyed green/brown mix of bouquets, arises, and simply actually leaves of the place Pot sativa. A healthier form of pot known as hashish (hash) looks like darkish or dark-colored desserts or tennis balls. The many road brands for pot include pot, supplement, pot, lawn, Linda, reefer, dope, and ganja.

Marijuana is generally used in smoking (joints or spliffs), hollowed-out pipes (blunts), plumbing (bowls), or water plumbing (bongs). Some people mix it into food or produce it as a tea.

Effects  :
The main effective substance in pot is THC (delta9tetrahydrocannabinol). When used, THC moves from the lung area into the system, which conveys it to the mind and other body parts. When it actually reaches the mind, THC attaches with a certain type of receptor on neural tissue in places that impact synchronization, thought, recollection space, attention, physical and time belief, and enjoyment. This causes the pot "high."

Marijuana customers can experience these short-term effects:

* problems in thinking and problem solving

* problems with recollection space and learning

* loss of coordination

* altered perception

These results can make actions like generating risky while under the effect of the pharmaceutical.

Marijuana means : Cannabis in its most familiar form is marijuana. "Marijuana" is derived from the Mexican word maraguanquo which means "intoxicating plant". Some people site historical information in which the name was used to create an "evil" or "unpatrioitc" image for use of cannabis or other THC containing compounds.

Marijuana ( Cannabis ) is the common name for the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Hemp grows in tropical as well as temperate climates. The dried ground leaves, flowers, and stems of the plant have a long history for their use as drugs. It has been cultivated in different regions of the world throughout centuries for its fiber to produce linen, rope, canvas, and oil. It has also been used as a medicine to relieve symptoms of illness and as a euphoric to induce states of intoxication or elation. Throughout its long history, parts of the plants have been smoked, eaten, chewed, or brewed for its pharmacological effects on human biochemistry.

There are over 400 substances in cannabis. By the mid-1960s the major psychoactive substance was recognized as tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC. Since then, other psychoactive substances have been separated from the place and are being researched for their biochemical results.

In India it is called ghanja, dagga in South Africa, and Kef in Morocco. The potency of the psychoactive cannabinoids found in a marijuana plant varies depending on the locale from which the plant was derived and its genetic makeup.

In other countries it is known as different names :

* Dagga (South African)

* Ganja (Jamaican)

* Kif (North African)

* Mota (Spanish)

* Pakalolo (Hawaiian)

Ganja :  Ganja is another name for marijuana. The word is ofter times associated with the west indies, but the truth is that it originated in India.

ORIGIN : The word Ganja actually comes from the word Ganges, referring to the Ganges River, which is a river in India where Cannabis Indica grew naturally. Cannabis indica was brought to the west indies, and is therefore referred to as Ganga.